Release 1.2.7

Release 1.2.7

Release Notes
June 22, 2023
Bask Developers
Release 1.2.7 - June 2023
Release 1.2.7 brings exciting new features and improvements to the Bask platform. We are thrilled to announce the latest round of feature updates, improvements, and bug fixes that enhance your experience and expand the capabilities of our platform. This release introduces exciting new features, such as expanded customization options for your patient portal, custom domains for greater branding control, and the long-awaited refunds & cancellations and chargebacks & disputes functionalities. We have also made significant improvements to various aspects of the platform, addressing user feedback and streamlining processes. In addition, we have resolved several bugs to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience. Read on to discover the details of all the enhancements included in this release.

New Features

Expanded Customization of Your Patient Portal: You can now add custom Lottie animations and have more flexibility in changing colors and verbiage across the patient portal.
Custom Domains: We have reworked the entire logic behind custom domains and Bask managed domains for the platform. You can now add custom domains and associate them with the root of your account. Additionally, you can set a domain as your primary domain, which will be the default for all new landing pages and questionnaires you create. We now automatically generate a unique slug for each questionnaire, which can be changed in the questionnaire's configuration popup. Copying the entire domain path (full url) has become much easier with a simple click.
Refunds & Cancellations (Beta): This highly anticipated feature allows you to efficiently manage your patients and provide them with the necessary support. From the Order Details Page, you can now partially or fully refund an order without canceling it. This is useful, for example, when providing a $10 refund for shipping delays. Additionally, canceling a patient's order is now effortless. When you click cancel, we will first attempt to cancel the visit with the physician and remove the visit cost from your bill. If the patient has already been prescribed medication, we will then try to cancel the order at the pharmacy before it is shipped, removing any associated pharmacy costs from your bill. If both the pharmacy and the prescriber have already processed and shipped the order, you will receive a notification indicating that the order cannot be canceled. However, you still have the option to refund the patient if desired.
Chargebacks & Disputes (Beta): In rare cases, a patient may dispute or initiate a chargeback for a credit card charge with your company. Previously, there was no way to accept a chargeback and issue a refund or dispute a chargeback and provide evidence to support your case. With this update, you can now see chargebacks, the reasons behind them, and upload any evidence you have to counter a chargeback. If the order has been shipped, we automatically include the tracking number and any delivery confirmation evidence available. Additionally, we attach any relevant audit logs containing the patient's IP address as evidence. When a chargeback occurs, funds are held instantly. If you successfully win a chargeback dispute, the funds will be added to your next payout. Disputes and chargebacks incur a fee usually around $15 but vary by card network.
Prescriber Support: We have added a chat icon in the treatment details page on the bottom right of your screen (Treatments -> Click on a treatment), allowing you to communicate directly with the patient's doctor if you have any concerns about their visit. For instance, if the doctor has seen the patient but has not prescribed medication for over 3 days, you can reach out to inquire about the delay. Sending a message will notify the doctor and prioritize the patient in their prescribing queue.
Users & Permissions: This highly requested feature enables you to invite other users to assist in managing your storefront and business. In the Settings -> Users & Permissions section, you can invite administrators, physician assistants, and customer service users. By clicking the "Add Staff" button within the respective role module, you can invite a user and assign them specific permissions. Documentation will be provided to clarify the various permissions that can be assigned to users. In summary, you can invite a user to view and/or edit data within your account, organized by the tabs on the sidebar. For example, for the customer service role, you may invite a user and assign them permissions to access only the messenger and view patient and order data. You can also enforce 2FA (two-factor authentication) for the users you invite, which is highly recommended for added security.
Mobile Admin Dashboard: You can now easily access your storefront using your mobile device without straining your eyes. We have designed a completely new user interface specifically for mobile devices, allowing you to browse through your patients, treatments, and orders with ease while on the go. Now you can efficiently manage your business from anywhere!


Timeline(s): We have completely reworked the way timeline entries are created, making them more accurate and dynamic across Patients, Treatments, Orders, and Products. Clicking on a timeline entry now provides more information, such as the associated bill, updates to order status by the pharmacy, capturing of the patient's credit card, and so so much more. The commenting functionality has also been enhanced and is seamlessly integrated with the new Users & Permissions feature. We welcome any ideas for additional entries to include in the timeline
Billing: We have improved how your bill is accessed and viewed, providing a more transparent representation of your transaction fees. Patients, Visits, Orders, and fulfillment are now directly linked within your Bask bill, allowing you to easily understand how your bill was calculated. For example, if you have any doubts about a visit cost, you can now click to open the visit cost module, select the patient or visit in question, and be directed to the treatment details page for that visit.
Finish Setup: The setup process now features a smoother, faster, and more user-friendly experience.
Billing Threshold: We have refined how your transaction fees are billed and adjusted the logic to offer a more flexible fee threshold based on volume and payment history.
Over-the-counter Products and Medications: We have improved the logic for offering, selling, and fulfilling non-prescription products with Bask. You can now easily use Bask to sell products like T-Shirts or Condoms alongside medications such as Viagra.
Authentication: We have implemented additional security measures for login, sign-in, and page access. Your storefronts and data are now even more secure.
Landing Page Builder: We have made numerous improvements to the landing page builder, enhancing its usability and user experience. Additionally, we have added several pre-styled components and templates to facilitate the process of building your website.
ID Photo Question: We have enhanced the user experience when uploading photos on mobile devices, ensuring compatibility across various mobile browsers and operating systems.
New Notifications, Email Templates & Pre-styled components: We have added more notifications that can be sent to patients, along with five additional components that can be utilized in your email templates, enabling faster and easier creation of email notifications. We have included simple headers, footers, and body components to expedite the notification building process.
Automatic Refills: We have improved the logic behind automatic refills, including billing a credit card, retrying failed payments, and updating payment methods for automatic refills.
Patient Portal: We have made it easier for patients to edit some of their basic information, such as their phone number and date of birth.
Products & Medications: The user interface for managing products and medications has been enhanced.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue with the password reset email not being delivered properly.
Addressed and resolved errors caused by incorrect dates of birth (DOBs) in the system.
Fixed the functionality of toggle buttons in the notifications center, ensuring they work as intended.
Corrected the URL redirection on the thank you page, ensuring users are directed to the appropriate destination.
Fixed broken links in abandoned cart notifications, ensuring they direct users to the correct shopping cart.
Resolved parsing errors that occurred with Bask Managed Domains, ensuring proper functionality.
Fixed issues related to the ID photo question type, ensuring smooth uploading and processing of photos.
Resolved a problem with the View and Customize buttons on the questionnaires table, ensuring they function correctly.
Fixed issues with store and company names, ensuring accurate display throughout the platform.
Addressed problems with camera uploads on certain question types, ensuring seamless image capturing.
Fixed authentication system issues, improving the overall security and stability of the login and sign-in process.
Fixed broken links on the orders table, ensuring all links direct users to the appropriate order details.
Corrected the sending of incorrect colors in some email notifications, ensuring accurate and consistent color representation.
Resolved issues with 2FA (two-factor authentication), ensuring smooth implementation and operation of this security feature.
Updated file inputs to support drag and drop functionality, eliminating any previous issues related to file uploading.
Fixed problems with adding and removing costs from invoices and bills, ensuring accurate calculation and adjustment of financial data.
Addressed dosage increases for medications with titration schedules, ensuring proper dosage adjustments are reflected in the system.
Corrected the display of dosage and strength information in the patient portal, ensuring accurate representation of medication details.
Fixed issues with conditional dosing logic, ensuring proper application of dosing conditions for medications.
Resolved table sorting issues, allowing users to sort data in tables accurately and intuitively.
Fixed occasional problems with sending email notification templates, ensuring reliable delivery of important notifications.
And so much more!
We are committed to continuously improving the Bask platform to meet each of your individual and collective evolving needs and provide a seamless user experience. Your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable in shaping this release, and we please please ask you to continue sharing your ideas, bugs, and any thoughts as we strive to deliver the best possible platform for your business.
We look forward to your continued success with our platform, and are excited to see how everyone grows their business with Bask. We have so many more features in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more in the future.